313 DVD by Shaikh Abbas Virjee

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313 DVD
A brilliant film starring Abbas Virjee and Inayat Kanji, on the life of a troubled teenager and his path in finding faith through learning about Imam Mahdi [as].
Daydream Films Presents Abbas Virjee & Inayat Kanji in 313 "What if our generation is the Last?"
Subtitles: English, French, Arabic & Farsi
Running Time Approx: 110 mins.

313 DVD by Shaikh Abbas Virjee

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313 DVD
According to Fiqh E Jaferia ..... Finally! After being teased by the posters and previews for nearly half a year, I eventually managed to get my hands on a DVD of the movie 313. I must say, it was definitely worth the long wait.
Following the tragic death of his older brother, troubled seventeen year old Layth Ali finds himself on the wrong side of the law and soon discovers his only way out is his hard-line orthodox Principal, AliHusain Hakimi - Head of The Islamic College. Now, Layth has two weeks to complete an assignment on a subject the young rebel refuses to believe in...The Mahdi. The reluctant student seeks the help of Mohsin, an unusual, mystical Shaykh, who catapults him into a world of spiritual discovery, faith and understanding.
Starring Inayat Kanji, Shaikh Abbas Virjee, and Shaikh Abbas Jaffer, the film chronicles the spiritual journey of 17-year-old Layth Ali (Kanji), who has been extremely disturbed after the death of his older brother and has turned into somewhat of a delinquent. Finding himself on the wrong side of the law, Layth's only way out is through Principal Hakimi (Jaffer) of his Islamic college. Hakimi gives him two weeks to complete a paper about Imam Mahdi (may Allah hasten his reappearance) – a concept that Layth refuses to believe in. But with the help of the mysterious mystic Shaikh Mohsin (Virjee), Layth finds himself hurled into a spiritual journey he never saw coming, one that completely turns around his life and makes him truly understand the Islamic concept of the Mahdi.
The movie was produced by Reflective Pictures Production in conjunction with the Orison Charitable Trust. The two groups teamed up in 2007 to produce a movie that would "educate, remind and awaken mankind in preparation for the advent of the Savior of Humanity, Imam Mahdi." The screenplay was completed in 2004 and reviewed by several scholars to ensure concordance with Shia beliefs and teachings. The film was shot on a tight budget in areas around London and Hertfordshire.
For years now, Iranian, Arab, and Pakistani cinema have produced similar fictional movies based on religious themes. However, this is the first fictional movie to have been produced entirely in English and starring an entirely English-speaking cast. Being the first of its kind, 313 was truly groundbreaking, and it will blow the viewer away with the near-professional acting, slick videography, and a mesmerizing plot. Director Masuma Virjee did an incredible job of casting individuals who fit their characters extremely well. Despite a few instances of melodrama, the overall performance by the actors during the movie was quite superb. The storyline was interesting and usually pretty easy to follow.
313 reflects a growing realization among the Western Shia community that if we are to encourage Islamic beliefs and practices among future generations, we will have to adapt to new technology and modes of communications. Although books and written media will always have their worth, it is important to target our future generations (as well as non-Muslims interested in Islam) through other facets of the media as well, including radio, television, and film. For our visually-oriented youth, a movie like When Skies Wept Blood will probably have a much greater impact on their understanding of Karbala than reading a book or listening to a speaker. Similarly, a youngster who saw 313 told me afterwards that the movie really helped him understand the concept of Imam Mahdi and what we need to do in order to prepare for his return.
Furthermore, the movie has a great moral message, and it comes at a point in our age when many signs of the reappearance have come true. Many scholars have stated that they believe Imam Mahdi will certainly make his return sometime within our lifetimes. As such, the movie serves as a great reminder for us to truly revaluate our lives. It leaves the viewer asking him/herself asking the same question that Layth eventually has on his mind – am I ready to join my Imam? Am I worthy of being one of his chosen followers, one of the special 313?
(We recommend that parents of children ages 12 & under preview the film prior to allowing your children to watch it.

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