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A Collection (Enclosed Free Audio CD with this Book)
Compiled by Syed Husain Mahdi Husaini, Mumbai

Published by Kumail And Kausar, Publication, India (2004)
Edition First
ISBN #: 8188876046
Pages: 131
Size: 9.25 X 13 Inches


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Another beautiful, attractive and colorful publication. The book with Arabic text, English translation and transliteration, is a very novel way of bringing various types of Namaz (Salat) under one umbrella. An attempt is made to make available the different Namaz from authentic and reliable Shia books. These Namaz (Salat) pertain to and are of practical application to all the sections of our society. This matter is clearly evident from the index of the book. Some of the heads under which the Namaz have been collected are Namaz of the Infallibles (A.S) Namaz offered as a gift to the Infallibles (A.S) Namaz for repayment of debts, Namaz concerning marriage, Namaz for having a child, Namaz at the time of pregnancy. Namaz to attain relief from difficulties and troubles, Namaz offered as gift to the parents, Namaz for increase in sustenance and livelihood, Namaz for increase in memory power, Namaz for seeking forgiveness, Namaz for attaining wealth and honor, Namaz for seeking help from Allah swt. and the Infallibles (A.S) Namaz for businessmen, Namaz-e-Nafilah, Namaz for prosperity and safety of the deceased in the night of their burial, Namaz at the time of journey, Namaz for protection from the enemies and the oppressors, Namaz for the various times of the day, Namaz for the various days of the week, Namaz-e-Tahajjud, Namaz of the oppressed, Namaz at the time of needs, and necessities, Namaz for attaining prosperity in the shop, and so on and so forth, The virtues for these namaz have also been mentioned. Needless to say this a very useful help for the solution of all your problems and your attaining prosperity in this world and in Hereafter. Contents..... Gift of Hazrat Imam Ali Naqi (A.S.) Gift to Hazrat Imam Mahdi (A.T.F.S.) Namaz of the Ziyaarat of Panjetan (A.S.) Chapter 3. Namaz Related to Various Personalities 1. Namaz of an Arab Villager 2. Namaz of Hazrat Jaffar E Tayyaar (A.S.) 3. Namaz of Haaris E Hamadaani 4. Namaz of Hazrat E Hamzah (A.S.) Chapter 4. Namaz for repayment of debts Chapter 5. Namaz for recovery of a sick child Chapter 6. Namaz concerning marriage 1. Namaz before intending marriage 2. Namaz after marriage 3. Namaz after marriage 4. Namaz when pregnant 5. Namaz for children 6. Namaz for children Chapter 7. Namaz for protection from enemy Chapter 8. Namaz at the time of difficulties 1. Namaz during troubles 2. Namaz during difficulties 3. Namaz of a distressed person 4. Namaz for the sorrowful 5. Namaz for the afflicted 6. Namaz for the afflicted 7. Namaz at the time of fear Chapter 9. Namaz for needs and necessities Chapter 10. Namaz for relief from pain Chapter 11. Namaz for a women in need Chapter 12. Namaz offered as gift to parents Chapter 13. Namaz on the night of burial Chapter 14. Namaz of a hungry person Chapter 15. Namaz near the grave Chapter 16. Namaz for seeking forgiveness Chapter 17. Namaz for increasing sustenance Chapter 18. Namaz for protection from the whisperings of shaitaan Chapter 19. Namaz for acquiring wealth and honor Chapter 20. Namaz for increasing prosperity in the business Chapter 21. Namaz for the businessman Chapter 22. Namaz of an oppressed Chapter 23. Namaz for the lapsed prayers Chapter 24. Namaz for seeking rain Chapter 25. Namaz at the time of journey Chapter 26. Namaz for will (WASIYYAT) Chapter 27. Namaz for increasing memory power Chapter 28. Namaz for seeking help 1. Namaz of seeking help from Allah 2. Namaz of seeking help from Hazrat Zahra (S.A.) 3. Namaz of seeking help from Hazrat Zahra (S.A.) 4. Namaz of seeking help from Imam Saadiq (A.S.) 5. Namaz of seeking help from Imam Mahdi (A.S.) Chapter 29. Namaz at the commencement of the Month 1. Namaz of the first night of the month 2. Namaz of the first day of the month 3. Namaz of the first day of the month Chapter 30. Namaz for various times of the day 1. Namaz of early morning 2. Namaz of mid - forenoon 3. Namaz near noon 4. Namaz before noon 5. Namaz before noon Chapter 31. Namaz E Naafilah 1. Naafilah of namaz of Fajr 2. Naafilah of namaz of Zuhr 3. Naafilah of namaz of Asr 4. Naafilah of namaz of Maghrib 5. Naafilah of namaz of Maghrib 6. Namaz of Ghufaila 7. Namaz after Ishaa Chapter 32. Namaz E Shab 1. Before Namaz E Shab 2. Namaz E Shab 3. Namaz of Shafaa 4. Namaz of Haajat (Desire) at the time of Namaz E Shab 5. Namaz e Witr Chapter 33. Namaz of the week (there are 48 different Namaz's during the week. Chapter 34. Some special Namaz 1. Namaz of thanks giving to Allah 2. The incomparable Namaz 3. Namaz for security 4. Namaz of Dua e Nudbah 5. The complete Namaz 6. Namaz on Novroz 7. Namaz of the awakened Chapter 35. Namaz for protection from oppressor Chapter 36. Namaz for release from prison

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