The Holy Qur'an Translated by S. V. Mir Ahmed Ali Commentary b Ayatullah Agha H. M. M. Pooya Yazdi

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• Hardcover: 1962 pages
• Publisher: Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an;
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 187940219X
• ISBN-13: 978-1879402195
• Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 7.5 x 9.8 inches
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The Holy Qur'an By Mir Ahmed Ali

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  • The Holy Qur'an By Mir Ahmed Ali


The Holy Qur'an
Translated by S. V. Mir Ahmed Ali
Commentary b Ayatullah Agha H. M. M. Pooya Yazdi

The most authentic and unsurpassed English translation of the Muslim faith's Final Revelation from God to mankind through the last Prophet Muhammad, this translation is distinguished by the helpful commentary and notes that accompany the text, references from the Old and New Testament, as well as its reinforcement of verses through multiple sections of the Qur'an. The attractive volume also features extensive information on Islamic prayers, traditions, and observances such as the pilgrimage known as hajj and the spiritual significance of fasting in the month of Ramadan; a revised index for easy reference; and an introduction addressing issues of social justice, violence, and terrorism.

A very nice Tafseer of the holy Quran by a Shia Aalim (scholar). Beautiful binding. Paper is thin, but that kept the book thickness at a reasonable size. Read it and learn the message of God. By Mudassir Ali

Most Quranic commentaries are laborious and typically make up at least several volumes. While this edition is rather large, it provides an engaging and fluid commentary in a single volume. This Quran is beautifully packaged - gilded edged. Would make a great gift for any occasion. By Zach

This translation of the Quran has one of the best commentaries I have read. Many verses in this translation are explained in the footnotes. References are given for most of the footnotes/explanation which helps the reader realize that the explanation given is not the translator's own opinion.

A footnote/side note is added whenever the translator thinks that a word in Arabic needs further clarification or can have more than one meaning. Many times in the translation, the occasion when a given verse was revealed is also given which helps the reader learn Qur'an better. An attempt has been made to describe a verse of the Quran using another verse of the Qur'an based on the saying of Imam Ali(a.s.) that one part of the Qur'an verifies another part. The other source of explanation of the verses are sayings of Holy Prophet(peace be upon him) and the sayings of the Imams of his family(peace be upon them).
Sources from the Ahl-Sunnat school of thought are also adequately mentioned, although that is done primarily to strengthen a particular point that is mentioned in the translator's footnotes. Overall, this is a great work and should be read by anyone who is interested in learning about Islam, Qur'an and Islamic History.
However, there are also some defects in this translation/edition. The paper used is very thin but this was probably necessary because the explanations are in detail and exist for many verses. There are a few verses for which there are some typographical errors, e.g. missing dots. Some verses have incomplete translation, for example, the translation of 8:48 is missing the following portion of the ayat, "Inni Akhaf Allah" which should translate as "Surely I fear Allah". Someone with rudimentary knowledge of Arabic should be able to spot these mistakes. By M. Haider

Basic Arabic quran is the same and does not change. This Qur'an is mostly Shia interpretation and translation. It shows how much can change the interpretation by different sects of ISLAM. It is excellent. All SHIAS and SUNIS should read this interpretation . The commentaries are mostly SHIA TWELVERS point of view. So other Shias may not agree with everything. But it is a must read for all SHIAS and Sunis and others for really deep study of Islam. This Quran opens up some misunderstood avenues in Islamic studies. By Abdulkarim K. Rehmani

This is an excellent English Translation of the Qur'an that is a must for any really sincere student of religion trying to learn about Islam. The translation is easy to understand but still has some old English in it that makes it difficult to understand at times. The best part of this Qur'an compared to most others is the commentary and notes that comply the text. Not only is there notes on the meaning of a verse but also an introduction to the chapter and an introduction to Islam and the Qur'an in general. This commentary is an excellent source of information and a huge help when trying to understand the environment at the time of the verses were reveled and so forth. I only wish this book had a better subject index. But I have found great search engines on the web that allow for searching for a specific subject, word, multiple word, and so forth. ... By Abrahim N

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